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 Administration and Maintenance

ComCon International Co., Ltd. can facilitate day-to-day system administration as a dedicated IT department or integrate with existing IT staff to provide expert support. On the phone or on-site, ComCon International Co., Ltd. can provide the necessary support to keep your infrastructure running optimally.

IT infrastructure requires regular maintenance to run smoothly and efficiently. ComCon International Co., Ltd. offers a range of support and maintenance services to ensure the integrity of your hardware and timely support for your network. Regular maintenance of hardware and software reduces the vulnerability and risk of damage to your resources, helps protect equipment and software, avoid issues, and can assist in identifying problems before they develop.

Technical support and training are also important ongoing necessities. ComCon International Co., Ltd. skilled engineers provide immediate technical support for all IT matters ensuring as little downtime as possible. ComCon International Co., Ltd. also provide training in a range of commonly used applications to assist clients in making the most out of Information Technology assets.

ComCon International Co., Ltd.provides hardware and software support for all network components including servers, routers, firewalls, desktops, remote access devices, VPN appliances, network printers and other peripherals.