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 IT Security Planning and Implementation

Maintaining a secure IT infrastructure is one critical challenge facing businesses today. External threats such as intruders and viruses can damage or destroy valuable files and data.
An inclusive approach to Information Security incorporates prevention, detection, containment and recovery. In addition to integrating protection mechanisms, organizations need to anticipate attacks, contain them when they occur and include detection and recovery tools and procedures in their security planning.

Providing adequate protection involves using multiple defense mechanisms in layers across the network infrastructure to protect internal data, systems, networks and users. Multiple defense mechanisms are used so that if one fails there are more behind it to protect the assets.

ComCon International Co., Ltd. offers a systematic approach to developing, testing and maintaining an effective Information Security Plan.

The Information Security Plan covers the following aspects:

  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Policies and procedures for proper backup of corporate data
  • Management of hardware warranties and vendor support agreements
  • Network protection from viruses, worms and spyware
  • E-mail protection from viruses and spam e-mail
  • Policies and procedures for user authentication and data access.

ComCon International Co., Ltd. can implement a wide range of up-to-date security options and failover redundancies to support the requirements outlined in your Information Security Plan.